Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition – A Success!

BarbinBooth_253I’ve just returned from showing my new series Birds in Summer at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition which was a fabulous experience.  I loved meeting the many wonderful people who were moved by my work as well as the sharing and connection which took place in my booth.  We had lively and engaging conversations which will keep me energized for some time to come! If we discussed a commission piece, rest assured that I’ll be in touch next week.

The series Birds in Summer is inspired by my mother, Booth2_320who was ‘everywoman’ to me when I was a child.  After her death I began to look more closely at the woman she had been before she became my mother, before the two of us met. I wondered how she chose to identify herself and how she had been categorized by others. This led me to an exploration of social roles and definitions, questions such as – who decides what a Queen looks like?  what does it mean to be called a Lady?  what is the visual definition of being Beloved?  Must a Queen or a Pilgrim look like or be what we expect, based on the images we’ve been exposed to through books, films and school?  Can she be an Booth3_320ordinary woman living her ordinary life, working outside the home and inside the home and raising her kids and participating in the culture……and if seen in a certain way, in a certain light, through a certain lens………be seen to be, in fact, extraordinary.

Congratulations Carol!!

I’m pleased to announce Carol as the winner of the draw from my booth.  I’ll let you know which Birds of Summer work Carol chooses to make its home with her.



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