New Gallery “Reflections” Now Ready for Viewing!

Hi There!

This week I’m excited to announce that there are new images for you to look at on the Gallery page of my website,

I imagine that for some of you, the artwork of mine that you are most familiar with is my recent body of work, the Birds in Summer series that I presented at the Toronto Outdoor Art Show in July, which I’ve been working on the past year.  So I’m really happy to share a whole other side of my art making with you!

I fell in love with the fluidity of acrylic media over a decade ago. I spent a great deal of my time exploring color, shape and texture by playing with paints, inks and pastels, marvelling at the way the materials intersect and overlap, creating a way for me to have a ‘conversation’ with them. I applied many layers and often removed some as well – in this way new shapes emerged allowing new stories to be told – each time I worked on a painting, something new was created and something unexpected was revealed.

Instead of planning a composition and developing an underpainting, I was engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the work, being open to where it was going, where it was taking us.

A very stimulating, unpredictable and exciting way to work!  I found a freedom I’d never before experienced in allowing the materials themselves to dictate the direction in which the work was going, following and adding as we went along together.

These paintings are reflections of my inner landscape and at the same time fantastical renderings of the everyday.

I invite you to view a series of these abstract acrylic paintings entitled Reflections in my Gallery.


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