A Sense of Adventure!

Hi there and happy Autumn!

I’ve been on a bit of a writing break and am pleased to be back here, talking to you.

On one of my morning walks last week, I had the wonderful experience of discovery. I’ve been walking in the same park for a decade and had started to feel like there weren’t many surprises there for me, which made it a reliable if somewhat predictable routine. However. In the early morning dawn as I followed my regular route, I was drawn to a narrow footpath that appeared to lead straight into a clump of tangled bush. The happy song of the creek called to us (myself and Ellie the art dog) as we dove under and around the thorny bushes to find a glorious spot that felt secret and sweet.

scene at waters edgeI found a small mound of earth to sit on and basked in the sun as Ellie rooted around the water’s edge. I felt as though I’d been invited to sit, be still and take time just to be. We were both grinning with the joy of finding a place that seems no one else knows about. Although it was on a smaller scale of adventure than mountain climbing or white water rafting, I felt exhilarated by the sensation of surprise and rejuvenated by the change of path I’d taken. I was reminded that it’s not necessarily the size of the adventure or challenge or risk that matter since the benefits of discovery are often the same.

I’m taking this attitude into the Studio with me as I continue to explore and create, and I’m delighted to┬áhave a new secret spot in the park since I can never have too many of those!!

You’re Invited!

I’m having a solo show at the Gallery In The Attic in early December and I’d love you to join me at the Reception on Saturday December 6th from 7:00-10:00. Refreshments and live music will be provided at 140 1/2 Hunter Street West – second floor, Peterborough Ontario.

See you then!!



  1. Oh Barb! I do miss you. And if I could I would be so so happy to come to the opening of your exhibition. So wonderful to see what you are doing and keep in touch – at least in this virtual world. Best wishes on the show.

  2. Another lovely post – so good to see this from you! That secret place in the woods sounds special.

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