First snow!

Hi There!

I was so excited a few days ago to see the first flurry of snow falling.  It was a mild day and the snow was wet so I knew it wasn’t going to stick around.  That’s part of why it was easy to enjoy – it looked pretty and light as it gently fell and there wasn’t going to be enough to require shovelling.    snowy creek

I was surprised to see the snow had collected in some places in the woods and enjoyed feeling the promise of the season without the harsh conditions that accompany a Canadian winter!  I loved seeing and feeling the contrast that this first snow brought about, as I watched the flow of the water race along with snow covered tree limbs hanging out over the creek , and as I stepped on the semi-frozen earth with the mud still squishing softly beneath.

Hard and soft, at-rest and fluid, these qualities have been rolling around in my head ever since and will definitely influence my creative work in the days to come.

I hope you’re enjoying preparing for the season!






















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