Getting Ready!

Hi there!

The past few weeks have found me working away in the Studio getting ready to mount several shows in the next few monStudio tableths. In December I’m exhibiting at the Gallery in the Attic and at Maggie’s Eatery, and for the month of January my work will hang at the Ashburnham Ale House. It’s very exctiing to have three very different and wonderful places to show my work!

I’m always surprised by all the preparation that’s required when preparing for a show. In addition to finishing the artwork (including putting hanging mechanisms on each piece – I know from experience this is an easy step to forget as I’ve found myself sitting on the floor of a gallery scrambling in my toolbox for wire and nails…..), there are invitations to design and deliver, social media posts to make, discussions with gallery and restaurant owners, receptions to arrange, and of course installation of the work.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s all very exciting and fun, and puts into play skills that I don’t use everyday. And it’s all worth it when I see people enjoying my artwork. I’ve never experienced anything quite like the thrill I do when people respond to what they’re seeing, when we engage in conversation about the work and their connection to it, and when someone takes the step to acquire and become a collector.

Can’t wait to see you soon!!


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