About Barb

BarbPicFence_MedI am a visual artist based in Peterborough County, Ontario. Born and raised in Toronto, I moved to the countryside 15 years ago to renew my connection with nature. This process reawakened my interest in both spiritual exploration and creative pursuits. I currently follow a lifestyle grounded in meditation and daily forest walks, sacred dance and time with family. I live in a century home with my partner of 30 years, our daughter and the family’s much adored dog. Making art nourishes me and is my chosen avenue for self-expression.

I am a largely self-taught artist and have found great enjoyment in learning and experimenting with a wide variety of media. I spent a number of years developing large and vividly coloured abstract acrylic paintings and creating mixed media collage works. More recently I have been building a body of work based on images of my mother, using a variety of printing, painting and collage techniques. My work is characterized by a sense of playfulness, storytelling and love of my subject matter.

I love solitude, laughter, adventures large and small, kayaking, bonfires, the early morning dawn and the moody night sky, the scent of lavender, and hugging trees.

Regarding my artistic practice, I make the art I want to see, that which I cannot find anywhere else. I work from the inside out. My art emerges from my heart and I bring that out into the world to share with others. My creative process is my soul work – it’s how I align and connect with my true and highest self. I’ve built myself a studio that is my sacred place to explore, experiment, play, get messy, and to integrate my experiences, thoughts and emotions. My work is experimental and open-ended: as each piece develops, it takes on its own direction. For the viewer, I hope to uplift and inspire a love of nature as well as support self reflection and personal growth.