We are not artists nor would we claim to have any trained expertise in art appreciation. However, we have a deepening love and respect for art and we certainly know what we like. And we like Barb Hawthorn’s work, which we have seen on a number of occasions. We have one of Barb’s pieces which we have hung at the top of the stairs where we see it any number of times a day. It has passed one of the acid tests of appreciation. We never fail to like what we see.

Joanne Brown
Peterborough, Ontario


This past February, I purchased a string of felt hearts from Barbara Hawthorn that I connected with instantly. I was drawn to the colour of the hearts, vibrant green with flecks of yellow and blue, which spoke to me of spring, vitality and the heart of nature. This string is hanging in my airstream trailer and has already been on a trip with me to North Carolina. The art I embrace for trailer is very special to me as space is very limited and having this creation from Barb has added so much to my soul home.

Belinda Solly
Whitby, Ontario


The piece I bought is called “Where I Live”. I was immediately struck by the colours and the combination of reds and oranges, and then, when I heard the name of the piece, my soul was immediately captured by the work. It is a reflection of how I live my life – with passion and colour. It hangs in my living room above the fireplace where I am reminded of this every time I look at it.

Christina Becker
Toronto, Ontario